Get the OK to Play from your physician before the sports season starts.


Back to Play

Is your child recovering from a concussion? We want to help them get back to play! Learn about The Center Foundation’s nationally recognized concussion management protocol, and download medical release forms for Return to Learn and Return to Participation.

The Center Foundation Concussion Protocol


Concussion Return to Participation


Concussion Return to Learn


Oregon Health Plan

OK to Play is covered by most insurance plans, including the Oregon Health Plan (OHP). If your child is not currently covered by insurance, they may be eligible for OHP coverage. See if your child is eligible for coverage and learn how to apply for benefits at

Primary Care Providers

If you don’t already have a primary care provider, visit our Providers page for links to providers in the OK to Play area. An annual check-up is the ideal way to get established with a new primary care provider!