Youth Sports Safety and
Concussion Awareness


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Health and safety are at the core of our mission, and it is our duty to be proactive in reducing the spread of this illness to protect our most vulnerable community members. For this reason, we are following all federal, state, and CDC guidelines and mandates during the COVID-19 crisis.

To this end, we have canceled our in person fundraising events through December 31, 2020. We rely on annual events to fund our mission, allowing us to place athletic trainers in local high schools to prevent and manage injuries and concussions for student athletes. We have been doing this valuable work in our community for 20 years, and we will be here to continue when school and sports programs resume.

But...WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please consider donating today. Your support, at any level, makes a difference to kids in Central Oregon. Specifically, it ensures that our athletic trainers are there to prevent and treat injuries and concussions, and keep your young athlete safe. Thank you.

We LOVE to see young athletes participate in sports and stay ACTIVE, but sport injuries and CONCUSSIONS are sometimes unavoidable.

For this reason, The Center Foundation works with youth, schools, and parents to IMPROVE awareness, EDUCATE the community, and MANAGE concussions and other sports injuries properly. In fact, The Center Foundation and our certified athletic trainers are in eight local high schools across Central Oregon to SUPPORT families and young athletes - keeping kids safe in sports.


Promoting the safety of our kids through access to sports medicine services and education.

Concussion Information

There is nothing more precious than the safety of your child.

At The Center Foundation, we take the health of our young athletes seriously, and we know that, as a parent, you do too. So, if your child is experiencing a concussion or related symptoms, you can rest assured that our athletic trainers are here to help.

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Sports Medicine

Encouraging physical activity with an emphasis on wellness and safety.

To this end, we provide certified athletic trainers in Central Oregon high schools. Not only do they keep our young athletes safe and healthy, but they also educate students, parents, and coaches on injury prevention. In short, our athletic trainers are first responders - keeping kids safe in sports.

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Education and training to benefit health and safety of Central Oregon youth athletes.

One of our most important roles in the community is to inform and educate. For this reason we have designed Education Program for everyone—from third-graders to medical professionals—to learn key ways to prevent and manage injuries.

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Community Partners

Together we are stronger. Thank you!

Our community partners are vital to the programs, athletic trainers, and health care services we provide. Because they embrace and promote our mission, and support us through generous donations, we keep more kids safe in sports each year. Find out how to become a Varsity, Junior Varsity, or Freshman sponsor of The Center Foundation!

Our Partners