Closer Look: Radio Interview with The Center Foundation

Closer Look: Radio Interview with The Center Foundation



This past fall, our very own Stuart Schmidt, Program Manager and Head Athletic Trainer for The Center Foundation was interviewed Jeanice Lee from K-LOVE and Air1 Radio for Closer Look. Closer Look is a weekly program that interviews local community groups making a difference in Central Oregon.  Please listen in to enjoy a captivating conversation about the history of The Center Foundation, our keystone programs including the flagship sports medicine outreach program which provide athletic trainers to eight local high schools throughout Central Oregon.

Unlocking The Center Foundation’s Legacy

Discover the inspiring journey of The Center Foundation, a trailblazer in sports medicine, education, and mental health advocacy. Stuart Schmidt shares intriguing insights into the roots of The Center Foundation and its commitment to elevating athlete well-being.

Concussion Awareness, Prevention, and More:

Stuart provides a comprehensive overview of The Center Foundation’s pioneering work, particularly in concussion awareness and prevention. Learn how The Center Foundation is shaping the dialogue around head injuries in sports and implementing strategies for athlete safety. Explore the Train Your Brain program, designed to teach elementary students the importance of always wearing a helmet to protect their brain.

Spotlight on Sports Medicine Outreach:

A significant highlight of the conversation is  about The Center Foundation’s Sports Medicine Outreach Program. Stuart sheds light on our commitment to local high schools in Central Oregon by providing dedicated athletic trainers. These healthcare professionals play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of young athletes, emphasizing preventative care and rapid response to injuries.

Why Tune In?

For sports enthusiasts and those passionate about holistic athlete development, this interview is a goldmine. Gain profound insights into The Center Foundation’s multi-faceted approach to athlete care, including the impactful Sports Medicine Outreach Program.

How to Listen:

Ready to explore The Center Foundation’s impactful stories? Click HERE to listen to the radio interview. Embark on a journey through The Center Foundation’s impactful initiatives, from sports medicine to mental health advocacy. As you tune in to the radio interview with Stuart Schmidt, discover the our commitment to shaping the future of athlete well-being.