Concussion Prevention

Speed, power, and momentum propel athletes to success and teams to winning games. However, these athletic fundamentals can also lead to serious head injuries.

That’s why, in 2001, The Center Foundation partnered with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Sports Medicine Department to implement the first high school concussion testing program west of the Mississippi. Central Oregon high school athletes are part of a progressive program that is setting new standards for concussion diagnosis and treatment.

Called ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing), this computerized evaluation system is one of several tools The Center Foundation uses to determine if a concussion has occurred and its severity, as well as if and when it is safe for an athlete to return to contact sports.

At the beginning of each sport season, athletes are given a computerized, neurocognitive test (ImPACT) to establish a baseline or a record of their normal cognitive function. In the event of a concussion, protocols are in place that guide care and treatment until the student is released to play. Injured athletes may not return to play until they have a physician clearance, reducing the potential for further injury or Second Impact Syndrome.

Available Dates for Community Baseline Testing

November 19th: call for available times

January 21st: call for available times

March 22nd: call for available times

Call Shawn at 541-322-2323 to Schedule

Working hand in hand with schools, The Center, St. Charles, and other medical professionals, The Center Foundation’s concussion protocols and assessments help districts comply with their own policies and requirements of Max’s Law.

Since the program began in the 2000/2001 school year, The Center Foundation has funded baseline testing for more than 6,500 students, assisted high schools from Jefferson County to Klamath County implement their concussion programs/policies, and managed over 1,000 student concussions. We are now working with Bend La Pine School District to help middle schools and Parks and Recreation to address concussions.

If your student did not receive
a concussion test at school

Concussion baselines are available to all students ages 12 and up through The Center Foundation concussion testing at 541-322-2323.

Did You Know?

$76.5 billion is the cost of traumatic brain injuries in the United States.