About the Center Foundation

What we do

The Center Foundation partners with Central Oregon high schools to provide sports medicine services at no cost to students or their families. For this reason, we place a dedicated certified athletic trainer in each school and on the sidelines of local sporting events. Our athletic trainers serve more than 7,000 students and over 760 sporting events per year. In fact, they are often the first responder when an accident or injury does take place at a practice or game.

Athletic trainers do more than just triage injuries. Specifically, our athletic trainers attend all OSAA sanctioned sporting events, practices and home games. In addition, they deliver on-site medical care for injury prevention and rehabilitation in the schools five days a week. Importantly, they also teach injury prevention strategies and sports safety to students, coaches and staff.

Physicians at The Center collaborate with our athletic trainers, and ensure expert medical care for young athletes both on and off the field. Furthermore, our athletic trainers often coordinate care with a wide variety of other professionals to support student health and safety.

Find out more about our athletic trainers here.

Other services we provide

  • Concussion education, testing, and management.
  • Brain and spinal cord injury prevention education in local grade schools.
  • Free bike helmet program.
  • Professional education seminars and conferences.

Our Mission

To promote the health and safety of kids through access to sports medicine services and education by:

  • Increasing awareness about the importance of concussion testing and the devastating effects of Second Impact Syndrome.
  • Educating parents, coaches, athletes, medical practitioners, and the public about the signs and symptoms of a concussion.
  • Implementing concussion awareness and injury management in Central Oregon schools.
  • Returning athletes to competition only if and when it is safe to do so.

Our Vision
To provide access to sports medicine services and injury prevention for all Central Oregon youth.

Why our communities need The Center Foundation

The Center Foundation is the only nonprofit in Central Oregon solely dedicated to providing sports medicine as a way to ensure that youth are safe, healthy, and protected in an active lifestyle. To this end, we:

  • Provide the highest standard of care in youth sports.
  • Improve access to quality sports medicine for all youth, including those who do not otherwise have access to health care professionals.
  • Reduce healthcare costs by performing preventative, emergency, and rehabilitative care on-site at the school, at no cost to student athletes.
  • Educate coaches, parents, and students about young bodies and how to prevent lifelong injuries.

Support our team

Get involved with The Center Foundation and see your effort positively benefit the youth in our community.

Support our programs

As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, all of your donations are tax deductible and go directly to supporting our three programs: Brain Trust, Education, and Sports Medicine.