Training and education to benefit the health and safety of young athletes in Central Oregon

Education is one of our most important roles in our community. In fact, we want safety to be part of every conversation, and top of mind when engaging in high-risk sports. To this end, we have programs to educate everyone. From third graders to medical professionals, we deliver education on preventing and managing sports injuries.

Education for Students and Parents

Teaching kids about sports safety from an early age creates smart habits that last a lifetime. Therefore, beginning with helmet safety for third graders, we teach age-appropriate skills for protecting young brains and spines. Continuing through high school, parents and athletes learn injury prevention and concussion awareness. Our education programs continuously build on a foundation of safe sports practices.

For Coaches

Coaches and Athletic Directors are a powerful and positive influence on the safety of young athletes. With this in mind, we host an annual coaches' conference. By providing continuing education on injury prevention and concussion awareness, we support coaches in keeping kids safe in sports. The result is sports programs that put safety first.

And, for the Medical Community

The Center Foundation presents our annual conference for medical professionals. Uniquely, this in-depth conference includes a cadaveric lab. Led by skilled orthopedic surgeons from The Center, the cadaver lab is designed to demonstrate current surgical procedures.

Specifically focusing on anatomy, common injuries, and rehabilitation techniques, our conferences provide the most current information in orthopedics and sports medicine. In addition, we are approved by the Board of Certification to offer CEU's for our professional education conferences. Previous conference topics include: foot and ankle, knee, spine, shoulder, concussions, and hand and wrist.

Professional Education Conference May 1-2, 2020

“It all comes down to safety of children. Safety for children on and off the playing field is my main priority. As a parent of high school athletes, I have personally been on the receiving end of The Center Foundation athletic trainers. And, I've seen the service that they provide to our local schools. When a player ‘drops to the ground,’ knowing that trained support is on the field makes a huge difference to parents.“

—Patsy Melville,
High Desert Insurance