The safety of young athletes in Central Oregon is our number one priority

Resources Offered by The Center Foundation:
OK to Play
Sports Medicine Program
Concussion Information

Young people face a number of challenges to their health and safety. Below you will find a few links to other services not offered by The Center Foundation to help you find the assistance and support you need.
Drug and Alcohol Abuse/Addiction
FORCE Lab Athletic Movement Analysis Services
Oregon Health Plan (OHP)
Oregon Schools Activities Association (OSAA)

Video Resources

“The Center Foundation is one of the state leaders in concussion management and research. By collaborating with their organization, we have developed a state-wide approach to concussion management, integrating medicine, education, and athletics. We have also increased our capacity to conduct state-of-the art research in brain injury management.”

—Ann Glang,
PhD Director, Center on Brain Injury Research and Training, University of Oregon

Tips from the Athletic Trainer - Concussion

Tips from the Athletic Trainer - Cold Weather