The safety of young athletes in Central Oregon is our number one priority

The Center Foundation works with the local community to educate about best practices for concussion testing and prevention, as well as getting injured players healthy and back in peak condition. We also help educate parents, coaches, athletes, medical practitioners, and the public about the signs and symptoms of concussions.

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A partnership between a university, orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, psychiatrists, and physical therapists to provide cutting-edge research and intervention strategies for elite and recreational athletes.

The Functional Orthopedic Research Center of Excellence (FORCE) Laboratory provides cutting-edge research and seeks to optimize musculoskeletal function and performance, prevent injury, and promote general well-being through the study of human movement.

In addition to research, the FORCE Lab provides movement analysis services to the public. These services include general injury prevention and musculoskeletal wellness programs, walking and running assessments, and sport-specific programs such as golf swing assessment.

Outcomes of FORCE Lab research are used to assess and improve injury prevention programs, provide evidence for effective medical interventions and rehabilitation practices, and improve efficiency and performance of a variety of human movements.


Located in the Therapeutic Associates – Bend Physical Therapy clinic which is housed in The Center Orthopedic & Neurosurgical Care & Research next to St. Charles Medical Center.

2200 NE Neff Road, Suite 202, Bend, Oregon


“The Center Foundation is one of the state leaders in concussion management and research. By collaborating with their organization, we have developed a state-wide approach to concussion management, integrating medicine, education, and athletics. We have also increased our capacity to conduct state-of-the art research in brain injury management.”

—Ann Glang,
PhD Director, Center on Brain Injury Research and Training, University of Oregon