Meet Our Team

Stuart Schmidt MS, ATC, CSCS

Athletic Trainer Supervisor

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Stuart attended Oregon State University for his undergraduate degree, earning a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science with an option in Athletic Training. After graduating from Oregon State University, he worked as the Athletic Training Fellow at The Center and The Center Foundation where he divided his time between working in the cast room and as the Athletic Trainer at Sisters High School.

Stuart left Bend to attend graduate school at The University of Florida where he received his Master of Science in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology. During his time at UF he served as the Head Athletic Trainer at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida. Stuart spent the next six years as an Assistant and later Head Athletic Trainer at Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Coming full circle, Stuart returned to Central Oregon as the Athletic Trainer Supervisor for The Center Foundation. He is excited to contribute to the excellent care and services we provide to the local community and to support our Athletic Training team.

Tessa Cashman ATC

Bend High School Athletic Trainer

Tessa Cashman, Bend Senior High School Athletic

Tessa Cashman was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. She started at Oregon State University in 2008, and after transferring to the University of Oregon for her second year, she decided to return to Beaver Nation to complete the Athletic Training Education Program.

During her last two years in the program, Tessa worked in the fall with Western Oregon University football, winter with Oregon State football, and one year and a spring with West Albany High School. There she decided she wanted to pursue the athletic training field at a high school level. In 2014, she graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training.

After graduation, she moved to Bend and was given the opportunity to work at The Center Foundation. She is stationed at Bend High School in the afternoons and works in The Center cast room in the mornings. Her favorite part of her job is being able to work in a wonderful, supportive, and down-to-earth community.

Michael Estes MS, ATC

Crook County High School Athletic Trainer

Michael has enjoyed supporting Crook County High School for the past several years. He has a Master's degree from the University of Oregon, and a Bachelor's from Oregon State University. You could call him a Buck. His favorite thing about his job is the variety—it’s never the same thing twice and there’s never a dull moment. In Michael’s spare time, he plays with his kids and raises a small flock of sheep.

Courtney Miller ATC

Culver High School Athletic Trainer

cmiller@centerfoundation.orgCourtney Miller, Culver High School Athletic Trainer

Born and raised in Bend, Oregon Courtney’s gymnastics career took her to Southern Utah University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training. After spending a fair amount of time in the training room as a freshman gymnast, she discovered her love for the field and was accepted into the university’s athletic training program her sophomore year. Courtney was able to continue collegiate sports along with the athletic training program by switching her sport to track and field. During her senior year rotation, Courtney was fortunate to work with two different teams: women’s volleyball and men’s basketball. She received a unique knowledge base, learning from two different preceptors and team styles.

After graduation, Courtney returned to Bend where she joined The Center Foundation as Culver High School's first Athletic Trainer.  Courtney is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the athletic training team at The Center Foundation, as well as the amazing team of doctors at The Center where she received treatment as a high school athlete.

Shantyel Bowman MAT, ATC

La Pine High School Athletic Trainer

sbowman@centerfoundation.orgShantyel Bowman, La Pine High School Athletic Trainer

Shantyel Bowman grew up in Bend, Oregon. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science-Kinesiology from Oregon State University in 2014. Following that, she moved to Montana where she completed her Master’s degree in Athletic Training at Montana State University Billings in 2016. After graduation, Shantyel moved back to Oregon for a short time to reconnect with family and friends before heading up to Washington to start her career. She was a practicing Athletic Trainer in Washington for just over two years, thoroughly enjoying her employment there. However, once an Athletic Training opportunity opened up at The Center Foundation, she was excited to return to her roots! You can find Shantyel at La Pine High School in the afternoons.

Shantyel is very active. She enjoys the outdoors, hiking, mountain biking, playing Frisbee, painting, spending time with family and friends, and traveling.

Nicole Porter MS, ATC

Madras High School Athletic Trainer

nporter@centerfoundation.orgNicole Porter, Madras High School Athletic Trainer

A Native of Lewiston, Maine, Nicole attended Dakota Wesleyan University for her undergraduate degree, earning a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training. After Graduating from Dakota Wesleyan, Nicole went on to South Dakota State University where she earned her Master of Science in Exercise Science. While at South Dakota State Nicole enjoyed working as a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Men’s and Women’s Track and Field and Cross Country Teams.

Nicole loves her work and thinks of Athletic Trainers as “normal people with extraordinary super powers!” She enjoys living in Madras and supporting the students at Madras High School.

Lindsay Hagler MS, ATC, CSCS

Mountain View High School Athletic Trainer

Lindsay became interested in athletic training having spent a considerable amount of time in the athletic training room while playing sports in high school. She enjoys the atmosphere of being around sports and interacting with high school students. For Lindsay, the ability to facilitate an athlete’s recovery from an injury from start to finish and seeing them back out in competition is a great feeling and sense of accomplishment.

Lindsay graduated from George Fox University with a bachelor’s in Athletic Training and Fitness Management, providing her the opportunity to work closely with the Portland State University football team. She received her Masters in Sports Medicine from Western Michigan University, while working at a local high school as their first athletic trainer. She has been the athletic trainer at Mountain View High School for six years. When she has free time, she enjoys various outdoors activities in Central Oregon, as well as riding her motorcycle and spending time with family and friends.

Alex Walker ATC

Sisters High School Athletic Trainer

Alex Walker, Sisters High School Athletic

Alex Walker was born and raised in South Pasadena, California. She began her studies at Oregon State University in 2010 and the Athletic Training Education program in 2012.

During her time at Oregon State she worked with West Albany High School, Oregon State Gymnastics, and Western Oregon University. After her experience at West Albany High School, it became clear to Alex that she wanted to work at a high school in the future. In 2015, she graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and moved to Bend, accepting a job with The Center Foundation as the athletic trainer for Sisters High School. Alex’s favorite part about her job is being able to work with her athletes in such a caring, supportive, and tight-knit community.

During her free time, she enjoys Central Oregon activities, as well as photography and traveling. Recently, she went skydiving for the first time and is looking forward to new adventures.

Shauna Ericksen MS, ATC

Summit High School Athletic Trainer

sericksen@centerfoundation.orgShauna Ericksen, Summit High School Athletic Trainer

Originally from Santa Barbara, CA, Shauna Ericksen spent four years at small private boarding schools: three years as a full-time assistant athletic trainer at one school, and an additional year as head athletic trainer at a second school. Prior to that, she attended University of Louisiana at Lafayette and received her Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training. After completing her undergrad education, Shauna worked for a sports chiropractor developing an affinity for injury prevention through strength training, and learning valuable manual therapy skills. After that, Shauna returned to California where she worked as a physical therapy aide while studying for her masters’ degree in Sports Conditioning through A.T. Still University’s online program.

Shauna’s experiences include strength coaching for private gyms working with runners and youth athletes. Shauna finds that educating young athletes on the importance of long-term health practices such as weight lifting, fitness, nutrition, sleep habits, and mindfulness, helps set the tone for their future and influences how they take care of themselves in every facet of their lives. Shauna is excited to be living in Bend and working with Summit High School athletes, and she looks forward to making major contributions to the sports medicine program.




Kathleen Thompson ATC

Athletic Trainer

Bio coming soon.



High School Team Physicians

The following doctors donate their time and expertise to support young athletes. They volunteer hundreds of hours each year and work closely with their team’s athletic trainer to ensure injuries are diagnosed and treated properly. All other Center physicians also attend sporting events throughout Deschutes County to provide additional medical support for young athletes.

Dr. Tim Bollom

Summit & Sisters High Schools

Dr. Katya Urch

Bend & Crook County High Schools

Dr. James Hall

Culver High School

Dr. Tony Hinz

La Pine High School

Dr. Matt Lilley

Madras & Mountain View High Schools

Dr. Viviane Ugalde

Concussion Medical Director

Shawn Taylor

Program Administrator

Shawn started her career as an administrative and medical assistant in an orthopedic surgeon’s office. During that time, she was also pursuing her education to become a licensed massage therapist (LMT). She practiced as an LMT for seven years, while also spending three years as a pharmacy technician for Salem Hospital and three years at St. Charles. After that, Shawn decided to fulfill her dream of getting a bachelor’s degree and graduated with a BS in biology and a chemistry minor after six years of working full-time and going to school. Before joining The Center Foundation, she spent seven very exciting and demanding years as the Executive Assistant for OSU-Cascades while the campus grew tremendously.

Involved in sports from an early age, Shawn enjoys living an active Central Oregon lifestyle through running, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, camping and hiking, but she feels most fulfilled when she supports others to excel. Shawn's unique background blending top level administration and a lifelong passion for health and medicine result in a deep alignment with The Center Foundation’s mission.

Shawn is thrilled to have the opportunity to support young athletes, keeping them healthy and in the game through our sports medicine program, as the Program Administrator.

Did You Know?

760 sporting events attended by our athletic trainers and physicians every year.