Community Giving

Fred Meyer Community Rewards to benefit The Center Foundation

Fred Meyer Community Rewards program gives back to local nonprofits every time you shop. With these three easy steps, you can help us keep kids safe in our community – at NO COST TO YOU! Set up and link your account today:

  1. If you don’t have a Fred Meyer Rewards Card, sign up online
  2. Once you have your Rewards Card, log into Fred Meyer Community Rewards and click on Link your Rewards Card now
  3. Search for Organization Number NP348 (The Center Foundation) and click Enroll

Go shopping! Use your Rewards Card every time you shop or buy gas at Freddy’s, and Fred Meyer will automatically make a donation to The Center Foundation. Giving has never been easier!

“On the 17th of April my daughter was injured at the Bend High track meet. She and I were both so thankful that Andrew was at the meet. Both he and another doctor from The Center, Dr. Nelson, quickly looked at her injured thumb and suggested we go get x-rays before taping and icing her injury. The next day when we followed up at The Center with a broken thumb, not only did she meet with a new doctor but both Andrew and the first doctor came into the room to check up on her. She and I both feel lucky to live in a community that provides such caring individuals to our young athletes.”

—Parent of youth athlete