5 Tips to Get Ready for Fall Sports

We are all in a holding pattern as we wait to learn the status of school sports for fall. However, it is important that you don’t wait to get prepared for the upcoming season. Follow these 5 tips now to be ready for sports this September!

Get OK to Play

Visit your primary care physician for an annual wellness exam, including your sports physical. Make sure you start the season healthy by visiting your doctor, and our athletic trainers will be there to keep you healthy. Learn more about getting OK to Play!

Get Used to the Heat

With summer still in full swing, the early sports season can be hot! Get your body used to the heat gradually by starting early and slowly. If you take your time increasing your exposure to exercising in the heat, your body will adapt. As a reminder, head back to this article for the top tips for hot weather exercise.

Get Fit Early

Don’t spend the summer sitting on the couch playing video games! Instead, start getting in shape early by doing general exercise like running and weightlifting. If you have spent some time on the couch, read this article on getting back to fitness.

Heal Old Injuries

If you still have lingering injuries from the past season, its important to use this time to heal. Whether you need rest, a visit to the doctor, or some time in rehab, get started now. Regardless of the injury, you can train around it safely with guidance from a qualified healthcare professional.

Food and Water

Proper nutrition and hydration are the most basic things you must have to be ready for the sports season. Eating well not only helps your body grow strong, but also helps your body recover. Need a reminder on good nutrition for athletes? Check out this article on nutrition.

Still Need Help?

Talk to your athletic trainer if you need help developing a rehab or training plan to get ready for the upcoming sports season. Athletic trainers specialize in injury prevention and they can help you reach your sports goals safely.

One last thing – we realize that this summer is different than previous summers due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. For that reason, we remind you that It is important that you do not exercise if you are not feeling well. In addition, if you have a fever, cough, or you are short of breath, call your doctor. Do not return to physical activity, whether it is in a group or solo, before you have been cleared by your physician.

Follow these 5 tips, stay healthy and safe, and you will be ready to jump into fall sports!

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