Meet Our Team – 2018 Fall Line-Up

The Center Foundation team of Athletic TrainersWe are excited to announce our Sports Medicine Program line-up for 2018-19! For the first time, we have dedicated certified athletic trainers at eight of our area high schools; Bend Senior High, Crook County, La Pine, Mountain View, Sisters, Summit, and now Culver and Madras. In addition, we have three new athletic trainers, an athletic trainer supervisor, and a program administrator. As a result, we are now serving more student athletes in Central Oregon high schools than ever before.

How Far We’ve Come

Thanks to YOUR support, we have increased our funding by more than 50% since 2015. Due to this increased capacity, we have doubled the number of high schools we serve and the athletic trainers we employ. Consequently, more than 7,000 students and 3,000 athletes at over 760 sporting events per year benefit from our Sports Medicine Program. But, we have more work to do! Specifically, new Central Oregon high schools are slated for construction in the coming years, and middle schools and club sports teams still need our help. Reaching more young athletes means we are ensuring the safety of kids in Central Oregon by keeping them healthy and active in the sports they love. Most importantly, our Sports Medicine Program is provided at no cost to the students or their families.

Our Athletic Trainers

Athletic trainers are the heart of our Sports Medicine Program, and they work hard each day to protect and support young athletes. Sometimes athletic trainers are confused with personal trainers. However, they are vastly different. Highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals, athletic trainers specialize in injury prevention, recognition, and evaluation. Our athletic trainers collaborate with physicians to make appropriate immediate-care decisions for a young athlete’s illness or injury. Additionally, they are responsible for treatment, rehabilitation, and reconditioning post-injury.

Our certified athletic trainers are highly educated. They have a bachelor’s degree in athletic training and most have a master’s degree in areas related to sports medicine. All athletic trainers employed by The Center Foundation hold national certification from the Board of Certification (BOC) and have obtained registration to work in the State of Oregon by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). Drawing on this combination of education and credentials ensures that we are placing excellent athletic trainers in our local schools.

The 2018-19 Line-Up

The Center Foundation is thrilled to welcome our newest athletic trainers, Shantyel Bowman, Shauna Ericksen, and Nicole Porter, as well as our athletic trainer supervisor, Stuart Schmidt. In addition, we are proud to announce our returning team members, Tessa Cashman, Michael Estes, Lindsay Hagler, Courtney Miller, and Alex Walker. You will find each of them on the sidelines of practices and high school sporting events, bringing their vast knowledge and experience to care for your young athlete.

Athletic Trainer Supervisor, Stuart Schmidt, MS, ATC, CSCS
Bend Senior High School, Tessa Cashman, ATC
Crook County High School, Michael Estes, MS, ATC
Culver High School, Courtney Miller, ATC
La Pine High School, Shantyel Bowman, MAT, ATC
Madras High School, Nicole Porter, MS, ATC
Mountain View High School, Lindsay Hagler, MS, ATC, CSCS
Sisters High School, Alex Walker, ATC
Summit High School, Shauna Ericksen, MS, ATC
Per Diem Athletic Trainer, Kathleen Thompson, ATC
Program Administrator, Shawn Taylor

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Written by: Shawn Taylor, Program Administrator for The Center Foundation. Learn more about Shawn HERE.